Thursday, August 7, 2008

1000 Lakes

Rainbow Falls, Ontario. Aug 4-5 (~1335 miles traveled). I think I am starting to get into the rhythm of things. I don’t feel like a total outcast when I pull into a campground now. ok..outcast may not be the best word to describe how I believe the “other” campers used to view me…entertainment would have been more appropriate. I appear to have put my campground debacle days behind me. These days I am feeling pretty confident…can pull into the campground, get to my space, back the big silver road surfer in, and get setup with nary an incident…all good. Leaves more time for the fun stuff.

So…on to the fun stuff. The drive from Sault Ste Marie to Wawa (mid-point of my drive on Monday) was
absolutely fab. The highway hugs the shoreline of lake Superior affording views of the world’s largest fresh-water lake throughout. Lots of hills and amazing scenic beauty. The drive from WaWa to Rainbow Falls was not as spectacular, …the road moves a bit inland, the hills are less steep..but still, a far sight better than my usual morning commute.
(Cooling off lakeside)
Today, Maya (the road-trip dog) and I, enjoyed a 4 hour hike through the boreal forest. This is a pristine environment. A blue sky day…light breeze with the scent of pines forever present. Mid-
day we reached the gorgeous high-point of the trail which offered a panoramic view of Lake Superior. The 2 hours we spent getting there was well worth the view alone. Everyone loves a surprise…and the discovery of an entire hillside of plump wild blueberries was more sublime than I can possibly describe here… a welcome addition to the power-bar lunch I had packed. I’ve never seen so many…they literally covered the hillside. I made a pig of myself. No regrets either!

On the way
back to the campsite, I discovered a small beach on Whitesand Lake. It is one of 1000 or so small lakes in the region connected to Lake Superior. It was hot and the lake inviting. Amazingly, I had this end of the lake entirely to myself, not another human being in sight. I had a really refreshing swim and even managed to con Maya into joining me. She is dead asleep now…and I am still struggling to figure out how to get this blog entry uploaded using a SAT phone (no WIFI or cell coverage in these parts). If you are reading this…I somehow managed….or had to wait until I reached civilization again!

(all this to ourselves!

Post-script. I never did get the SAT phone data connection to work. I just watched the connection time (and $) tick away while retrieving one measly e-mail message..and completely unable to upload this stuff. This just can’t be that hard. Jim Bruton ( , a friend of mine is able to set up comms on Mt. Everest, nasty places in the Middle East, etc…if you happened to be reading this HELP!

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Steve said...

Cool first entry! Love the pictures. I've been wondering how many seconds, hours or days it took to feel disconnected from the work life you left behind. Have fun!