Sunday, August 3, 2008

On the Road

I've officially launched my road-trip! Left Essex on Aug 2...a bit later than scheduled thanks to all the festivities the night before. By the way, anyone reading this who attended...a big thanks...what a send-off. Loved all the gifts, wine and most of all your company.

Highlights of yesterday include a less than spectacular exit from Essex. As I was groggily pulling the StarStream down the driveway I was jolted into road-trip reality by the sound of the trailer's bumper scraping the stone wall. Ouch! I had a number of spectators (joggers, dog-walkers, neighbors) as witnesses to my trailering real damage except to my ego! I did however make I pulled into a very full campground in Ottawa, I backed the StarStream perfectly, and I m
ean PERFECTLY into a rather awkward spot. It is a beautiful campground...nice roads, very wooded. Arrived in a downpour...and it rained all through the night. I settled in with a very nice glass of wine and put in a classic movie - Casablanca. Perfection.

BTW -- for those of you who were worried, the boarder crossing was a non-event. I ended up crossing into Canada on something akin to a farm road (I took the scenic route...on purpose...really). One lone guy in
a small outpost. He just wanted to know where I was going, what sort of alcohol I was carrying and if I had any firearms. Over and done with in under 5 minutes.

I've included a few pics for your entertainment. What I am most proud of (beside my backup job into the campsite) is my new "office" just doesn't get any better than that!

Corner office...with a view


Anonymous said...

You're off to a great start Kathy! We'll look forward to new entries in your ongoing adventure... jb

R,D,I said...

Congrats Mom!!!
Good to hear of your parking success. The first go around was frightening from what I remember. Keep on truckin'


Anonymous said...

Kathy, Jim B here. Just emailed to mac-addy 2 files, to save your having to d/l the webpages @ Iridium. One is the latest version (2.0.2) of Iridium's connection software (with accelerator) and another is the Apollo data service trouble shooting guide. Typical internet connections can be 10% of what you think you are going to get- email me the name and contact info of your dealer, I'll call for more info.

In the meantime, edit your photos accordingly and compress them as much as possible.

Sorry to tie up your Comment area with this but someone you speak to by phone may read this before you do, and they can convey by phone the gist.