Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting Ready

Dawson Creek, British Columbia (~3,100 miles traveled). Busy, busy. Dawson Creek is at the head of the Alaskan Highway. It is the last city of any size before reaching Fairbanks, Alaska. I am busy stocking up on the essentials as well as stuff I think I may not be able to get once I make the push toward Alaska. I am busy pouring over maps at the moment. I am changing my originally planned route as I have a quest to complete before getting to Denali. My neighbor and friend, Bob Reynolds gave me a book a couple of weeks ago which has inspired me. There are reasons and details...which I'll write about next...promise!

In the meantime, I've posted a few (ok about 25) pictures from my first week on the road. The slideshow is at the left. I think if you click on may be able to see the pics, and the captions in a larger format. Let me know.

I'll close for now....still gotta work out some additional details of the new, there is supposed to be a meteor shower tonight between 3-5am mountain time that I don't want to miss!

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scott gibson said...

Kath, those are great pictures. I especially liked the Saskatchewan Four Seasons. I give up on who is in the are a dork, by the way.Who has photo editor or whatever. Give me a hint. Is she brown and looks like a yak? How's life in the silverstream? Is the coffee pot still hanging in. Took Ben to Lake George today for 4 days of island camping with 30 cousins and friends. Kate is enjoying the schlep into NYC. Enjoy the meteors. Love. Scott